The Sign Authority, Inc, recently fabricated and installed new faces for their monument signs at Wellspring Alliance Church in Wheaton, and Warrenville, IL. Wellspring changed their name from Blanchard Alliance Church, and needed new sign faces on their monument signs in front of both churches. Both signs were a little different and had dimensional letters on the brick monument signs. The Sign Authority came up with a couple of different options for Wellspring Alliance Church to fit into their budget.

The old monument signs had dimensional letters on the face. We gave them the option of replacing the dimensional letters with new letters that spelled their new name. The issue with removing dimensional letters from a monument sign face, is that there is a possiblity that there will be damage behind the letters to the monument sign face. If the sign company that originally installed the dimensional letters/logos did not use studs for a brick face (studs that are placed on the back of the letters so they will mount in the mortar not the brick) there will be holes in the brick. When you install new letters, the old holes will show and that results in a less than attractive finished product. Sometimes sign companies will mount the letters with liquid nails and that again will pose a problem when removing the letters. If you are thinking about mounting letters or a logo to your monument sign, and may want to change sometime in the future, you need to be aware of how these letters are being installed.

In this case, the simple solution was to create a backer panel to mount the letters/logo, so that the damage would not show. We understand that churches and non-profit organizations have to work with small budgets, so we at The Sign Authority, gave them some less expensive options using a backer panel. After much consultation, Wellspring Alliance Church decided to forgo the dimensional letters mounted to the backer panel and just go with a digitally printed face. This solved the budgetary issues, and also they were able to incorporate their colors in the sign for additional branding on the monument sign.

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