The Sign Authority located in Wheaton, IL recently installed a new sign face for a hanging electrical sign for Home Dupage in Wheaton, IL. Home Dupage recently had a brand update and changed their name from The DuPage Homeownership Center to just “Home Dupage”. While most people in Dupage County recognize this non-profit organization by the original name, they are still doing the same great work. This organization is a leader in the community to educate and support individuals to be successful homeowners with their comprehensive programs. They emphasize on first time home buyers and low income families to give them the resources that they need to promote sustainable home ownership.

Because of their branding change, they needed a new sign face for the front of the building. The Sign Authority completed a detailed site survey to obtain proper measurements of the existing sign. This is a very important first step in the process of replacing a sign face. Your sign company needs to make sure the sign is in good condition and can have a replacement face installed. Sometimes the frame is bent or worn, which makes it very difficult to replace the face. Doing a proper site survey is critical to keep from having issues upon installation. Also, taking accurate measurements of the sign face is important so that the new face will fit properly, without any gaps or additional cutting of the face

The sign face you see here in the photo is made from a high quality polycarbonate material that is durable, semi-rigid and translucent so that the light from the interior of the sign will show through. We then applied high performance cut vinyl on the face for the logo. Because the sign face is located so high, a bucket truck was needed to install the sign face.

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